I am a healthcare IT technologist working in the industry since 2007 where I have had the opportunity to study the current and future states of interoperability as it relates to patient care, participating both in the development of various healthcare standards and implementation guidance activities as well as implementation of those standards in HIT products that care providers and patients are still using today. I have worked as a software engineer at various EHR companies, a strategic and technical consultant on many levels for large and small companies alike, a director in a large clinical research organization, and most recently as CTO for a consumer data management platform.

I am also a family man and an avid Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiast. My wife of 16 years and I live with our 4 children, born 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2011 just outside of Nashville, TN. I own a 1995 and a 1998 Land Cruiser that I am constantly planning or working on an upgrade for. I enjoy exploring the southeast US and have plans to expand my explorations out west.

This blog serves as an outlet for my thoughts on and around healthcare IT. All views expressed here are my own views and not those of the organization I currently work for or the standards initiatives I volunteer with. Please take a look around and leave me a comment!

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