New Beginnings!

I started a new adventure earlier this week. I have finished up my time at IQVIA and have joined OneRecord to lead technology efforts. I have had a good run at IQVIA over the past 2.5 years, where I led teams to develop various aspects of the clinical data registry business. I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity I was provided and the experience gained. I am also thankful for the relationships created, for the people I had the good fortune to interact with, both internally as well as clients.

Going forward my focus will change from building solutions for and implementing clinical registries being leveraged by providers to figuring out how to best help patients get access to their healthcare data. As patients we all should have access to our data, unfortunately there are still many barriers to this. So let’s see what we can do to overcome those barriers through technology solutions.

In my new role I will lead all technology aspects of the company and I will continue to stay engaged in healthcare standards work through IHE, participating in PCC and QRPH domains. I will also track HL7 and may get more engaged in some activities there. While my more immediate focus will be on pulling in real data via FHIR and through national interoperability initiatives, I also will have an eye to what’s going on the mobile health apps space. There is considerable opportunity as device manufacturers get better at creating their products to communicate quality data to device gateways, and as app developers build in the ability to read from device gateways and continue to refine quality of the user interface views views on top of patient data.

So here’s to the future, to change, to new beginnings, and to figuring out how to continue to drive forward the release of data to and for patients. We are all patients, and we all have a right to our data. So let’s march out into the world and free our healthcare data!

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